Saturday, January 26

On being creative in the kitchen...

Anyone who really knows me, knows I do not like to cook.
I like to eat. NOT cook.
I cook, but it's not my first or even second choice for fun. I wish
I did like to cook. I've tried being creative in the
kitchen but it just is not for me.
I am all for easy recipes. When I came across this
super simple donut recipe, I had to try it.
YUM. I actually want to try it again.
I shall experiment with other toppings
as soon as I crave donuts again.
I will try to get creative....maybe a blueberry glaze?


Vicki said...

You bake delicious asylum oatmeal

Joanne Huffman said...

In the words of Homer Simpson: mmmmmmmm, donuts...

Corrine at said...

They look so good, been a really long time since I have had a donut.....mouth watering. xox

jackie said...

They look so yummy!