Friday, February 28

A Round Robin...

The local art group I belong to is starting a monthly round robin. We are to start a compartment box type substrate to get the theme I thought I would start something very girlie for *you know who & me*
Since I like pink a lot and she likes everything, it will be fun to have it displayed here in the studio
on her work table. The theme I have set in motion is Joyful Things...can't wait to see how people express this. Here is my box at the start:

Wednesday, January 1

Stars dancing with the dogs

.go ahead, dance like no one is watching.

Thursday, December 26

Sunday, December 15

Holiday Smooches

From the Holiday Pooches

Now take these itchy things off.

Friday, December 13

Perpetual calendar #2

I like mine so much, I decided to make another for a friend.

Tuesday, December 3

Toddlers & Stickers

A toddler attempting to peel stickers can
be VERY frustrating. Here's a tip:
Peel off the background of the sticker paper
leaving the only the stickers on the release paper.
These leaves an edge for toddlers to grab
while peeling. Little ones can actually peel all
by themselves, leaving them feeling very successful.